It is very important for us that everyone who buys our products is satisfied. Since our products are mainly designed for kids, the first and main criterion for us is high quality!

The warranty for all our products is 1 year.

The quality control of the finished products is strictly observed in the production, each box has an insert with the packer's number. If, upon receipt of the order, it turned out to be of improper quality, we ask you to immediately inform us about it by the specified phone numbers. You can also fill out an application, to do this, click on the Return of goods line in the PERSONAL ACCOUNT column at the bottom of the site, fill out the request form, in the description of defects section, be sure to specify the packer's number and a specialist of our store will contact you within a short time. We have a 100% guarantee of payment of money for the returned product (!!!). When returning the product, it must be in the original packaging, without traces of use, with a cash receipt.

If the product was of proper quality, it is not subject to return and exchange.

Remember, the WoodBro team is always on the side of its customers