Today we can proudly say that we have SUCCEEDED!

For a long 8 months we were looking for a team, material, and bought a high-quality tool for work ! How much wood was purchased and processed in order to find what we need by trial and error. Sometimes they gave up, but the thought of giving up everything never arose. We believed in each other, and faith and support is the greatest impetus to go forward despite all obstacles. Not only hard work is invested in what we create for you and your kids, but also powerful positive energy, motivation and a great love for your work.
The most important task was to make our products high-quality, reliable and beautiful! We have achieved this!!!

  • Our online store is completely official and is registered in the trade register of the Republic of Belarus.

  • All our products have been tested and MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 008/2011 "On the safety of toys", which is confirmed by the presence of certificates from us.

Before shipping , when checking the configuration and packaging in boxes, our products undergo a thorough inspection, as evidenced by the insert with the packer's number. Our goals are to make sure that the service and production work are at the highest level !